Our Community Guidlines

LocalDawgs is a pet-sitting exchange, not a pet-sitting service. All members contribute to keeping LocalDawgs safe for everyone.

Meet In Person

Get to know your potential pet sitter online through their LocalDawgs profile and by messaging them. Meet in a public space with your pet and other people around. Don't give personal details that aren’t related to your pet or pet-sitting.

Safety with Pets

Always take precaution when you or your pet are meeting an unfamiliar pet or person for the first time. Not all pets are friendly and not all pet owners take precautions with aggressive pets.

  • Never leave your pet unattended in any scenario or with strangers that you to do not know or trust.
  • If your pet doesn’t get along with strangers or other pets, LocalDawgs might not be the place for you.
  • Never leave children unsupervised around pets. Never leave your pet unsupervised with children.
  • If your pet does gets aggressive take your pet away from others to calm down or leave. LocalDawgs is not responsible for the consequences of any event or place you attend or the actions of any other person or animal.
  • Extremely aggressive pets that cause problems, or the actions of their owners, can be reported in the LocalDawgs app.

Report Users Who Do Not Follow The Rules

Please use the Report/Block feature to report anyone who you believe is misbehaving or not using the application according to our Terms, including:

  • Attempting to solicit any arrangement other than pet-sitting exchange
  • Asking you for money or donations
  • Sending harassing or offensive messages
  • Behaving inappropriately after meeting in person
  • Falsifying information on their profiles
  • Sending spam or solicitations, such as attempts to sell or advertise products or services